6 Unhidden Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

Relationships are said to be a position where those involved share a common thread that binds them. 

It’s either a goal, a purpose, a lifetime, blood, common desires, or even places. 

These things stand in between and in the hearts of the people in the relationship, benefiting from one another, giving and taking. 

A romantic relationship between a man and a woman is one of the most beautiful relationships that any two people can share. 

It comprises everything I have mentioned above when it is a healthy one. 

But the truth remains that not all people genuinely share these common threads with the other person during a romantic situation. 

Just like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they are after only what they want and not the connection, lifetime, or bond that the other wants to share. 

There are either playboys, playgirls, or those who aren’t even sure what they want, and then there are those who are truly in love

So are you a lady who worries about if a guy genuinely loves you or if he just wants to sleep with you?

Then, your curiosity may be answered in the coming line. 

Let us find out together the signs he just wants to sleep with you.

6 Unhidden Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You 


1. He Always Wants To Meet At Private Places

Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

A man’s attitude can indicate that he only wants to rumple the sheets with you if he always suggests dates and hangouts in private places. 

If he never takes you out in public, that is a huge red flag that should serve as an alarm to you.

Today he suggests his place or your house, tomorrow he wants to meet you in a hotel or guest house. 

And even when you bring up the idea of just walking with him, he always prefers walking on a lonely route. 

He wants to meet you at a private place all the time. 

I used to know a guy, we weren’t dating, but we were close to dating then. 

We were still in the talking stage, yet every single time he wanted to hang out with me, he wanted me at his house or to meet him at his friend’s house.

He would say, “Oh babe, I am just enjoying my free time at my friend’s place, would you like to come?” “Let me walk you home, but I prefer we take the other route,” which is, of course, lonely and dark. 

And I get it.

Some people enjoy nighttime the most, and they may not be a fan of hanging out in public. 

But how does anyone explain the possibility of you being seduced by him at such clandestine locations?

Well for the guy in my story time eventually revealed his true intentions.

He just wanted me in his bed and wasn’t in for the long haul. 


2. His Words Are So Unreal 

Signs he just wants to sleep with you

A guy who is so good with words should be carefully investigated. 

This doesn’t mean you should walk on stones whenever you meet a guy who is good with words. 

But note that a guy being a good communicator is entirely different from someone who is good with words and gives flirty, romantic lines all the time.

You can tell his words are unreal when he is quick to comment, and his words feel memorized or copied from elsewhere. 

Every moment seem like a script perfectly played out.

There’s no personal touch in his words, even if his compliments are many. 

There is also always an inconsistency in what he says, which gives you a reason to think he is lying. 

He says this today and says that tomorrow, he doesn’t have a truthful tongue, although he can say nice things. 

He aims to sweep you off your feet with his words and not to express how his heart feels for you because all he feels is lust. 

I know ladies can easily be deceived.  

When a guy who understands those buttons begins to press them, we are likely to fall head over heels in love with them. 

To know a guy who only wants to sleep with you, consider if there is truth or realness in his words. 

If what he says sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably not true. 


3. He Acts And Looks At You Lustfully 

Signs he just wants to sleep with you  

If you notice a guy who looks at you with lustful eyes and gives off an air of sleazy behavior, this is a surefire sign that he’s only looking for one thing from you.

His eyes may linger on yours for longer than necessary or his gaze may travel all over your body in a way that suggests just one thing.

Yes, every guy will crave after a lady he is attracted to Even ladies do too.

We passionately wait and dream about the firsts of every moment when we meet the man of our dreams.

But a guy who only wants to sleep with a lady will lust after her in many other ways. 

As she walks ahead, he spies on her opened thighs and reveals cleavage to the extent that he gets carried away during conversations. 

And when he looks at her, it is not that warm and passionate look from a lover but a flirty yearning to have her to himself, and most ladies can sense it sometimes. 

He also flirts with her body by saying flirty words and excuses it as a joke. 

He might even touch her in the wrong places and not expect any love back from her.

The bottom line is, if he only wants to sleep with you, then it’s better to just stay away from him.

No matter how much you are attracted to him, no one deserves to be treated like a toy or an object of pleasure.  


4. He Avoids Tagging The Relationship 

Signs he just wants to sleep with you

“Oh babe, let’s not call it a thing yet,”

“Oh babe, let’s just leave it the way it is. I don’t have to tell you we are now dating before you know I love you because I know you love me too,”

“I would like to take things slowly. Let’s not give us a tag yet.”

These are the kind of words that may serve as a sign to single out those guys who only want to sleep with you. 

He avoids every form of tag that may come with the relationship at all costs.

It is clear he doesn’t know what he wants, or he only wants to bed you. 

In such cases, these kinds of guys will also avoid professing their love to you. 

No matter what happens, they won’t say it first, nor will they say it back. 

They may keep their relationship with you hidden too.  


5. He Has A Romantic Commitment With Another

There’s nothing more than physical intimacy that a guy already in another romantic commitment will want from another lady, especially when he has not broken up with the lady yet. 

A guy having another romantic commitment like marriage or dating is a sign that he only wants to sleep with you. 

Because what could he possibly want that he couldn’t get from her and couldn’t break up with her or undergo a divorce first before coming to you? 

Especially when you discovered this commitment yourself, and they didn’t tell you themselves. 

They may come with promises to leave her for you, but those actions, I believe, only sponsor their true intention. 

The sad news is, just like they are cheating on that partner, they will move to the next girl after they eventually have your body.  


6. He Is Romantic But Not Loving

Signs he just wants to sleep with you

He may be good with nice words and gestures, but his relationship with you is not loving.  

You may feel like he’s being loving and romantic, but if you can tell that his thoughts are not directed towards making the relationship better, then it is not love. 

He may plan elaborate trips and write heartfelt letters, but those actions could be a mask for something else. 

If he doesn’t make time to talk about your issues or check in on you often, then his intentions are likely not genuine. 

Like the things that bring you pleasure, your dreams, your passion, and purpose, or whatever matters to you. 

Your conversations do not go that deep, so there are certain aspects of him and your life that he knows nothing about or has ever been involved in, even if you may have known him for a while.   


Discovering that the person you have feelings for is only interested in your physicality is an incredibly disheartening experience for any woman.

This is because most of these men do not express clearly what they actually want from the very beginning. 

They spend days, weeks, and months wooing and doing everything to win a lady’s heart while pretending about their true intentions. 

It’s usually complicated to know who is real because guys are different, and some guys are so good at pretending. 

So the signs that indicate that he only wants to have sex with you may not be limited to these, but these signs here indeed reveal the attitude of an unreal guy if you watch him closely. 

Although, in some cases, a guy may display these signs and yet genuinely want something worth more than sex, it depends on his values, way of thinking, or an attitude formed based on the kind of ladies he has been with in the past. 

However, if, after thinking it through, you are convinced he is real or not real, I hope you make the best decision for yourself. 

Love is beautiful, and I hope you find what and the kind of man you are searching for. 

Every woman is worth more than what her body offers. 


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