What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man?

This is a fearful question to come across on the internet, and yet it’s become a commonplace situation in many marriages today.

There are women who know fully well that they are getting involved with a married man yet still go ahead with the decision to have an affair.

This begs the question: What type of woman has an affair with a married woman

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man?

1. A manipulator

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man

Some women may idealize a married man as the perfect partner, believing he has the financial stability to take care of them, emotional maturity, and a sense of responsibility.

This can drive some women to pursue or desire a married man, though this notion may be unrealistic.

However, a married man has something that single men may not have, which is a wife.

A woman seeking to manipulate her way into an affair with a married man usually has a clear goal in mind.

She may be seeking financial gain, an emotional crutch, or trying to get revenge on the man’s wife.

To achieve her goal, she may employ various tactics to lure and manipulate the married man into a relationship.

These manipulation tactics can include flattery, pretending to be friendly and understanding, and offering lavish gifts.

She may also use emotional manipulation by playing on the man’s insecurities or exploiting his weaknesses.

The ultimate goal of these tactics is to create an emotionally dependent relationship with the married man that will ultimately end in her getting what she wants.

This whole scheme is premised on an ideal notion of the stability of a married man.    

2. An Insecure woman

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man

This woman is unknowingly fueled by her insecurities to go after a married man because she has bought into the belief that a single man cannot give her the commitment a married man can give. 

Insecurity can make a woman vulnerable to manipulation tactics that married men may use to win her commitment.

If the man is able to convince her that he can offer her something that single men cannot, she will be more likely to succumb to his advances.

He may tell her that he can provide stability and security in a relationship, as the idea of marriage is associated with commitment and trustworthiness.

She might believe him and feel comfortable enough to be emotionally involved with him or even commit to him.

In this way, a woman’s insecurity can lead her into an emotionally dependent relationship with a married man.

She believes her worth will come from attracting and being with a committed man.

However, this is a very unhealthy way of thinking, and it is important for this woman to seek help so that she can learn to value herself and her worth regardless of whether or not she is in a relationship.   

3. The ‘adventurous’ woman

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man

Some women believe in the thrill of engaging in taboos, especially the ones that involve dating a married man.

They do not care to have a serious relationship with a married man just to satisfy the latent desire to do something risky. 

These women usually lack the emotional link and commitment that comes with a serious relationship. 

It can be argued that this type of woman is not really hurting anyone since there is no commitment involved.

But, in some cases, this decision could lead to a deep-rooted trauma because one party may end up developing feelings for the other that are not reciprocated.

Also, there could also be a fantasy she has been grooming in herself to sleep with do something forbidden, like sleep with a married man.

She doesn’t care about morality just to fulfill the hedonistic desire to be involved with a committed man.      

4. A vengeful woman

A woman looking at a man with an ulterior motive on her face and his face is being held emotionally by another woman

This woman gets involved with a married man solely for the purpose of exacting revenge on the wife, the husband, or whoever she wants to hurt.

She does everything in her power to spite the man’s wife and make her aware of what is going on between herself and the husband of the woman she’s being mean to.

She could also be trying to get back at an ex or romantic interest by getting involved with a married man.

Whichever it is, her motives are purely that of revenge on those who hurt her.

She holds the belief that whatever she is doing with the married man is hurting those she’s meant to hurt.   

5. A career-ambitious woman

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man

It has been noted that some women use their influence to advance their careers by getting involved with married individuals.

For example, there was a woman named Jennie (a pseudonym) who wanted to become a manager, but she realized that she had not worked long enough in the company to be considered.

To speed up the process, she came up with a plan to seduce Mr. Joe, one of the top HR managers who was happily married, and use the affair to leverage a higher position in the company.

As soon as she achieved her goal, she ended the affair with Mr. Joe and moved on to the next man in a high position to seduce.

To her, these men are just stepping stones to success and not romantic interests.

This is a prime example of an ambitious woman who will do whatever it takes to get to the top.

It’s sad because she has chosen to exploit men in order to further her career instead of working hard and achieving success on her own.    

6. The Non-committal woman

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man

Some women have affairs with married men because they don’t want to fully commit to a single man.

Such a woman believes she can get all that she wants without having any strings attached to him.

It absolves her of the responsibilities of a committed relationship and earns her the benefits of being a lover.

One sole reason women take this position is to avoid the risk involved with investing emotions, time, and effort with a man.

Her fear of commitment pushes her to stay with an already-committed man, a married man.

Such a woman is willing to stay in the shadows and let her man’s wife be the one who takes care of him.    

7. A power-hungry woman

What Type Of Woman Has An Affair With A Married Man

There is an edgy feeling of power a woman can have when she makes a married man have an affair with her.

Being able to defy solid virtues of loyalty, love, faithfulness, and vulnerability in the man’s home can make a mistress feel like she’s powerful.

It is believed that a family is the basic unit of society and should be close-knit.

When a woman is able to come in between a man’s affection for his wife and cause some form of chaos, fear, or even distrust between a couple, she begins to feel very capable and may even brag about being able to have a married man wrapped around her finger.

She also uses the secrecy of the affair to her full advantage and takes control of the situation.

This encourages that power-hungry side of her even more.

She might not even be aware that she is using her seductive powers to wreck heartbreak on the wife; she just likes to be in control, and that situation gives her a platform for that power-hungry feeling to bloom.  

8. A gullible woman

A woman with a look of adoration and a smile, holds up a daisy while plucking at its leaves

This woman is clueless that the man she is going out with or being attracted to is married to another.

She hasn’t asked questions about it or even thought of the possibility of that happening.

She could be long into the relationship and have no idea that the man is betrothed to another.

It is possible that she never took time to study or observe the man she was with.

It is also possible that the man is very experienced with having extra-marital affairs and does a clean job of deceiving her even though she has dotted all I’s and crossed all the T’s.

Whichever it is, she has zero clue this man is married and possibly never been to his real home.  


It’s crucial for women in certain categories to be aware of the potential consequences that may arise during or after an affair.

If a woman is unaware of these consequences, she may be hurt when the truth is revealed, which can lead to a negative experience with marriage.

However, if a woman knows the consequences, it’s assumed that she’s involved because she wants something from the man badly enough to disregard her own morality.

It’s advisable for women to avoid such situations because they tend to suffer more consequences than men, particularly in today’s society.

They should also know that they can achieve financial success through hard work and dedication rather than using an affair as leverage.

It’s important for these women to realize that engaging in such behavior contributes to an unending cycle of pain and bitterness for the wives of the men involved.


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