7 Types Of Women Who Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

Are there specific types of women who are most likely to cheat on their partners?

The decision to choose a life partner stirs up many questions and worries, and for some people, it awakens the fears that have been formed due to trauma from their childhood or past relationships. 

So some people who are in a season of their lives where they are trying to take a wife begin to think and ask questions like, “Is he or she the one for me?”

“Am I sure I am not making a mistake?”

“What kind of a wife or husband would he/she be?”

“Will he/she cheat on me or stay faithful?”

For the men, have you wondered if your woman is the kind of woman who is most likely to cheat in marriage? 

Maybe you have studied some of her traits and fear that even if she is not currently cheating on you, the status might change— she might cheat on you later.

Then, this article is for you. 

7 Types Of Women Who Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

1. A Women Who Is Never Satisfied

Types Of Women Who Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

If your partner is never satisfied with anything, be it a gift, a surprise, or even an emotional gesture, then you might be in what Nigerians call a “One chance” relationship.

There is a good chance that your insatiable woman may be looking somewhere else to satisfy her needs.

The simple act of being content is one we ought to have learned from childhood; at least, that’s what we expect. 

However, the truth remains that some adults struggle to be content with what they have. 

They always want more, and this is not in the good sense of wanting more. 

A woman who is not okay with the love, attention, and support shown by people, and even the person she is in a relationship with, will most likely cheat when she is married. 

Her excessive desire for attention, lust for material things, and need to be the cynosure of attention all the time will not allow her to be considerate with her partner on the days when he is not that available to do so.

What happens when the current situation does not permit her husband to provide all of these?

She will opt for whoever can provide it at that time, without even thinking about the cost to the marriage or herself.

Any man who can fulfill her desires for attention and lustful needs at that time would easily get through to her.  

2. A Woman Who Lacks Boundaries And Lives Recklessly

Types of women who are most likely to cheat

I believe that as a responsible person, you should have personal boundaries, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. 

But some people, some ladies, for example, still do not exercise the necessary boundaries even though they are in a relationship. 

Living recklessly and lacking boundaries does not only suggest you live a careless life but also suggests that such a person would find it hard to avoid infidelity in marriage— yes, they are most likely to cheat. 

A scenario is a lady not setting strict boundaries between what she can allow from male friends and what she can permit in her relationship with other guys she is not dating. 

Treating male friends just as they treat who they are in love with, staying out or passing the night just anywhere, and staying at the forefront of dangerous scenarios is a sign that such a woman might cheat. 

Attitudes like these can be labeled suspicious because people don’t change in marriage; their attitudes in marriage will only reflect what their single life has been like. 

Such attitudes carried into marriage might be a sure ticket to a cheating spouse.

This reminds me of a post I saw on Instagram where a married woman complained of being very bored with her husband because she missed being the party animal and being able to live recklessly.

The stability and predictability of her faithful husband had her bored to the teeth, she was already considering calling it quits with him.

It’s a no-brainer; this kind of woman will easily cheat on her husband.

3. A Woman With So Many Close Male Friends

Types of women who are most likely to cheat

As a lady, having male friends is not wrong, but it could be a sign that you might be found cheating in marriage. 

This is because when your male friends are really close, and you have many, you have more chances to maintain strong bonds with them after getting married. 

Although this may not be wrong, but confiding deeply in anyone builds a strong connection that encourages vulnerability with that person. 

This means that she will tend to be vulnerable to one or more of her male friends, who will bring out her weak spots.

In days of marriage crisis or argument, she is most likely to use their comfort. 

And because she is emotionally needy at the moment, there’s a possibility that she gets too vulnerable to the point of cheating on her husband with that person.

Remember, a huge number of cheating situations were never planned. 

A woman who keeps very close male friends might be the type of woman that mostly cheats.     

4. A Woman Who Has Always Been Sexually Active

Types of women who are most likely to cheat

A woman who has always been sexually active may be the type of woman who is most likely to cheat because of her level of exposure.

Sexual exposure opens people up to high sex drive, high sexual expectations, and even sex addiction.

A woman who falls in any or more than one of these cases is most likely going to cheat on her husband, especially if his sex life does not match hers.

She might not get enough from her partner and, if not controlled, might end up on another man’s bed.  

5. A Woman Who Has Cheated Before

Types of women who are most likely to cheat

Cheating is first a decision, then an attitude. 

When the attitude of cheating has been formed, such a person will undeniably cheat in marriage.

Once a cheater might always be a cheater, especially if they had done it before and were not caught or never had to face the consequences of their actions.

Such a person is most likely to cheat because their conscience to resist sexual temptations, in this case, is now weaker than it used to be.    

6. A Woman Who Is An Addict

A woman who is addicted to sex, alcohol, or drugs may find herself seeking out gratification in other places besides her husband.

The addiction starts to take over, and she may resort to cheating as a means of getting the adrenaline rush she craves.

In this case, cheating might be seen as an escape from reality, and it could become something that just keeps happening until the urge to satisfy one’s addiction is stronger than any form of discipline they have regarding cheating on their partner.

To not cheat on your partner, one must first break from any form of addiction as it is the discipline exercised that will help them stay faithful.

A woman who is a drug or alcohol addict is the type of woman who is most likely to cheat.     

7. A Woman Who Has Wrong Views Regarding Sex

Types of women who are most likely to cheat

It is important to respect people’s views and values no matter what they are, but honestly, some people’s perspectives towards some issues are really funny and provocative.

Women who believe that cheating is not wrong or that they own their bodies and can decide if to be faithful to one man or not are definitely going to cheat in marriage.

It is advisable first to date someone of like values and at least not-so-different views to avoid contrasting views on a matter like infidelity.

It’s not fair to label any specific type of woman as more likely to cheat.

People cheat for many different reasons that are unique to each person. 

If you’re worried about something, try discussing it together.

Due to unexpected life changes, the woman you think is less likely to cheat might end up cheating sooner than you expected because things can happen, and they can be placed in certain circumstances that may lead them to do so. 

Remember, many people who cheat regret their actions and call it a mistake. 

Very few admit to it and say it happened intentionally.  

The perfect woman and the not-so-perfect woman are not above mistakes. 

I don’t suggest that anyone should venture into marriage believing the worst will happen. 

Why not focus on the best that can happen and hold on to positivity and trust for your woman? 

A marriage without infidelity is possible— don’t wallow in your fears. 

Again, If you’re worried about something, try discussing it together.

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