9 Coded Reasons You Attract Low-Class Guys 

No woman prays to attract low-class guys, but it happens.

And if this has been your experience, then something must be wrong somewhere.

To know how to fix this problem, you will need to first know the causes.

Why do you keep attracting the same type of guys?

Let’s look into nine coded reasons you attract low-class guys.

9 Coded Reasons You Attract Low-Class Guys

1. Lack of self-worth or low self-esteem

Why You Attract Low-Class Guys 

Self-esteem is how we view and feel about ourselves.

It’s our overall sense of self-worth and self-respect.

When our self-esteem is low, we tend to believe negative things about ourselves and may feel like we don’t deserve better.

This can lead us to settle for less than we deserve in life—especially at work and in relationships.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you might think that you don’t deserve someone who treats you well or respects you.

You might believe that you should just take what you can get, even if it’s not what you really want or need.

This may lead you to attract guys who don’t value you, who treat you poorly, who don’t meet your needs in a relationship, and who you do not even like!


2. You have unconscious patterns or beliefs that attract them

Sometimes we have patterns or beliefs that we’re not even aware of that can influence the types of people we’re attracted to.

For example, maybe you grew up with a parent who didn’t treat you well, as a result, you may be attracted to partners who treat you poorly because it feels familiar.

These patterns or beliefs can be subconscious.

This means that even when we are not actively thinking about them, but they still affect our behavior and choices.

This could be the reason you are drawn to low-class guys—unconscious patterns!

I mean, if you keep attracting the same type of men, the problem has to be you, not the men.

The good news is that once you become aware of these patterns or beliefs, you can work on changing them.

This might involve talking to a therapist or doing some self-reflection to understand why you’re attracted to these types of men so that you can start making different choices and attract partners who are a better fit for you.


3. You have a martyr complex and think you must suffer to be loved or appreciated

Why You Attract Low-Class Guys 

This is a very common belief, and it could be the reason you keep gravitating towards men who don’t treat you well.

Martyr complex” means that you believe you must endure hardship or pain to be deserving of love or appreciation.

This mindset can lead you to attract low-quality men because you may unconsciously seek out relationships that reinforce this belief, causing you to become involved with people who treat you poorly or take advantage of your willingness to suffer.

You have a martyr complex if you:

  1. Ignore your own needs and desires, always putting others first, even to your own detriment.
  2. Stay in unhealthy or unhappy relationships, believing that enduring difficulties will make you more worthy of love.
  3. Accept mistreatment or disrespect from others as something you must tolerate to be appreciated.
  4. Struggle to set boundaries, allowing others to overstep and take advantage of your kindness or generosity.
  5. Feel guilty or unworthy of happiness, leading you to sabotage your own well-being.

To break this pattern, try to practice self-care and actively work on accepting yourself as you are without feeling like you need to earn anyone’s love or validation.

Focus on learning how to love and appreciate yourself for who you are and learn how to set boundaries with people that don’t respect you.

Also, therapy helps, invest in it.


4. You are afraid of being alone and losing any kind of companionship at all (even if it’s bad)

Why You Attract Low-Class Guys 

I know loneliness is tough when you crave companionship.

In fact, we are not created to be isolated, so it’s natural to crave to love and be loved.

But when you’re scared of being alone, you are likely to end up with guys who aren’t good for you just because you want to have someone by your side.

You might not realize it, but this fear can cause you to make some not-so-great choices when it comes to relationships.

When you choose having a boyfriend over being in a healthy and caring relationship, you could end up with someone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve.

You know why?

If you’re afraid of being alone, you will put up with stuff from a man that you usually wouldn’t.

You will stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy or even hurts you just because you don’t want to be on your own.

You might also start dating someone new quickly without taking the time to get to know them or see if they deserve you.

And this is why you keep attracting low-quality men.


5. You don’t have any female friends and rely on men to define who you are

Sometimes, if you don’t have any close female friends and rely only on guys to help you understand yourself, you might end up attracting the wrong kind of guys.

Because it’s easy for men to take advantage of you because they know how desperate and lonely you are.

Having a group of supportive girlfriends helps you in understanding who you are and what you want in life, apart from relationships.

When you rely too much on guys to define your worth or identity, it can lead you to attract low-class partners who might not treat you right.


6. You believe that being handsome is more important than being smart, talented, or treated well

Why You Attract Low-Class Guys 

If you mainly focus on how good-looking guys are rather than considering their intelligence, talents, or how they treat you, you are likely to end up attracting low-class guys who don’t offer a healthy, balanced relationship.

Don’t get me wrong; looks are important, but they are not the only thing that matters.

Having good looks shouldn’t be the only criterion for judging a person’s worth.

Instead, focus on finding someone who also has similar interests and values as you, someone who will appreciate you for who you are and treat you with respect.


7. You can’t say “no”

If you always say yes to everything and everyone, you will attract guys who take advantage of your willingness to please.

At some point, you must learn to be assertive and set boundaries.

Being assertive will enable you to filter out the guys who don’t respect you and find a guy who appreciates your strength of character.


8. You are needy and insecure

Why You Attract Low-Class Guys 

We live in a dog-eat-dog world, and if you don’t feel like you can stand on your own two feet and be independent, it will show.

If you are needy and insecure, you will attract guys who aren’t worthy of your time and attention because you’ll settle for lesser than you deserve.


9. You are looking in all the wrong places

If you keep going to bars or clubs hoping to meet Mr. Right, you’re likely to be disappointed.

These places are full of guys who are only looking for casual encounters and one-night stands.

You will have much better luck if you try different activities or look in other places where there is the potential to meet a quality man.

I’m not saying you can’t find a high-quality guy in a bar or club, but arrrghh….

It’s just like dating apps or sites.

A lot of guys there are just looking for hookups.

One of my friends recently had to delete her profile on an app because all she was getting were messages from men who weren’t interested in anything serious.

So if you really want to find the right man, try being more selective with where you spend your time and energy.

You also have to look within for unhealed trauma or any brokenness that subconsciously yokes you to low class guys.

I hope this article helps.


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